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“The energy of violence moves through our culture...

Some experience it as a light but unpleasant breeze, easy to tolerate. Others are destroyed by it, as if by a hurricane.

But nobody, nobody, is untouched.”  


Beyond Force: providing customized training for behavior management techniques, de-escalation and workplace safety.
Our Mission


Beyond Force provides the consultation, education and training necessary to understand and prevent behavior problems in the workplace.  We are here to help you to promote a healthy, safe work environment. Beyond Force employs evidence-based recommendations delivered by highly specialized Subject Matter Experts in the field of forensics, social work and law enforcement.


Contact us to learn more about our customized training for First Responders such as Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), Pharmacology for Non-Prescribers, Suicide Prevention training, de-escalation training and threat assessment and management. 


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